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Mindful Mermaid
My dreams have always been greater than my fear!

Namaste. I’m Vonda Kay, the owner of the metaphysical gift shop - Mindful Mermaid, LLC. After beating breast cancer in 2021 and celebrating my rewarding 20-year career as a family law attorney, I wanted to start my next chapter and make it fun! I have always lived life without regrets, never feared hard work or learning something new! A new passion inside of me was screaming for me to take a giant leap of faith and my intuition was too strong to ignore this vision of my future.

I have always had an intense interest for all things metaphysical, new age as well as meditation practices, but I also want to open the doors to hear about your journeys, experiences and discoveries. Mindful Mermaid is a shop filled with candles, crystals, jewelry, books, journals and meditation supplies such as gem water decanters, incense, dreamcatchers, oracle cards and buddha statues. We also have set aside some space for small gatherings such as book clubs, educational meetups, Reiki, art & jewelry classes, and celebrations.

I am excited and feel as if my journey is just beginning. I am hopeful we can all learn from each other, share our experiences and become more spiritually connected with our friends, family, neighbors and beyond!

I am very grateful to have the full and loving support of my family and friends! My wish is for everyone to live their very best life, learn from one another, listen to that voice inside and most importantly, don’t forget to have a little fun!

Vonda Kay
Owner, Mindful Mermaid LLC